Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Our Homeschool Room

I mentioned in an earlier post that I would put up some pics of our homeschooling room when I could so here they are.
I found this trapezoid table at the Goodwill for $13. It has desk drawers in 3 places and adjustable height. It is perfect for our current needs. Everyone had their own work space plus it is big enough for larger projects like finger painting, play dough and board games.

Right now we are doing a dinosaur unit for science. Ann has loved dinos since we went to the Indy Children's museum last fall. For this reason I decided to go ahead and purchase some cool wall decor to go with the unit. I got it from our local education store for $10. It has already been a great learning tool. Also pictured above is our calender center. We take a few minutes at the start of the day to discuss the weather, the day, and the month. You can see that I have a chalk board and a marker board. I had David put the marker board up high so that 2 year old Kay wouldn't get into the markers or erase the things I put on it. The chalkboard below is perfect height for both girls do use.

Our bookcase that we keep all of our current textbooks, home school books, puzzles, art materials, games, etc. I also keep some totes in the garage of things that we will use in the future. I try to buy things on sale or at thrift stores when I can.
Our art display area until I can get the bulletin board hung.Behind the door I have put up some of the 3M removable wall hangers. I hung large manila envelopes from them for additional storage.
We love our classroom area! We didn't have this last year when we did preschool, just worked at the table and it was very doable. However this works much better. It is nice to have a quiet area that is dedicated to school work. It is a room where the kids are allowed to cut and paste, paint, and play with play dough at any time. I also create in this room with my scrapbook and paper craft area on the opposite side of the room as pictured in an earlier post.

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