Things Homemade 2010

I just love the feeling that I get when I work with my hands to make something for my family and friends.  Here is a list of small homemade/handmade accomplishments that I have made through the year.

1.  We have switched entirely to homemade laundry detergent, made by me.
2.  So far this year I have darned 6 socks. (my grandpa thinks I am bizarre for not going out and buying
     new socks, but these socks still have life in them I just have really horribly dry heels)
3.  Made both of my daughters rag dolls out of scraps I had on hand.
4.  Have made gobs and gobs of hair bows for my girls with materials I had on hand.

Here are some goals for this year
1.  Put out a big garden- I always put out a garden, this year I would like to expand a bit
2.  Can lots of good stuff
3.  Raise a new batch of chicks, meat birds and layers, and keep them away from poultry loving canines
     this time around.
4.  Re paint the living room, dining room, and kitchen. And make some new wall furnishings for these areas.
5.  Actually put pen to paper and start writting that novel rolling around in my head- hey I know there is a
     good chance no one will read it but who know?